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Phil Daniels

Phil first started painting in 1984 after being diagnosed with Hodgkins disease (type of cancer). There was no real reason to paint that he can remember, for some reason he just did. Those first attempts were with oil paints and he tried to reproduce Constable landscapes.

His first employment was as a gamekeeper and his love of nature and wildlife eventually came out in his art and his highly detailed animals, particularly some of our endangered species. Phil didn't paint for many years until personal circumstancs (again) drove him back to the brush and he turned professional in 2007.


Artist Phil Daniels working on a Meerkat painting in his studio in Norfolk

Phil works from his open studio gallery in Cawston, Norfolk, UK. His art is diverse with superb wildlife art, emotional conte portraits and art out on the streets in murals and sculptures. Heavily involved with local and national charities and always keen to work with schools to develop people, Phil is driven to positively effect minds via art.


Artist Phil Daniels working on a gorilla sculpture for Break charity in his studio in Norfolk

Wildlife paintings use fine pastels to create soft fur with amazing detail, his conte emotional portrait work uses a similar in a much looser style. He often uses Acrylics for paintings too, such as the Gorillas he painted with Break Charity and Wild in art. It isnt the what or the how that is really important. Its how it makes you feel..


  Phil Daniels -
31 High Street
Cawston, Norwich
Norfolk, NR104AE