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Tuition and teaching is often a balance between showing how to do something and being there as a support and guide while the student does it themselves. Dependant on your requirements Phil is experienced in demonstrating and as a guide to achieving results via suggestion and support.
Phil has taught in a classroom environment in Africa and the UK to young children from pre school through to college age. Often a brief demonstration of how to achieve an exact artistic element is enough to get the student inspired to try for themselves, with desk side support as needed.

A typical assembly presentation of 20-30 minutes approximately is £40. A presentation that then leads to a workshop session with students may total 2 hours and is £100 approximately. Naturally if materials need to be provided and/or travelling outside of Norfolk then additional costs would be incured.

Download the presentation prices document here - Phil Daniels Presentation Prices -
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Phil Daniels Artist talks about his art, gogogorillas and the emotional connections series to little melton primary school

Phil presents a fun and very informative profile on his work and art in general. This is tailored to suit your needs but is always seen as inspirational and inspiring.


Phil Daniels Artist holds a workshop with norwich girls school where they are learning how to capture emotion while getting messy

Hands on workshops are great fun and by far the best way to really learn with Phil there to just guide when needed.


Phil Daniels Artist teaching young children about complex artistic issues in Africa.

"I cant draw" is often the first thing people say. Even 7 year olds in Africa can learn about complex artistic issues, such as light/shadow and perspective. School groups can work to the curriculum while still being able to work on exciting and involving projects. A project can be started in an art group and left to continue in coming weeks with the school staff.

Art for All

Phil Daniels running a workshop at Aylsham High School where children learn to coat a gorilla in a real hair effect and cover themselves in the process

Phil can demonstrate actual step by step processes, using a variety of mediums to either art groups, schools or individuals. This enables the student to learn in their home if they are unable to travel, or in the groups regular meeting room.
Live painting, and helping people as they "have a go" themselves, is a powerful learning method which can be adjusted to suit your needs.


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